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the blood. looked up to fifty. contemporary tourists in kiev as riot police put down the burning barricades that divided the city with two confirmed killed in the turmoil. rival positions clash at the geneva two conference on syria even before the war he sides of the conflict sit down for direct talks. and the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden is reportedly asking russian authorities for more protection and mounting death threats. he want unity to national coming to you live from moscow with me marina welcome now ukraine opposition from member tally could go has negotiated
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a temporary truce with authorities until eight pm local time it's reported the break will be used for further talks with the country's leadership meanwhile riot police have now put out the burning barricades in the center of kiev that remain a blaze over night well let's now take a look here at exactly where the ongoing turmoil has been taking place this as you can see on the map is european square a forefront of the unrest and this is where the tires were satellite and that's where our correspondent peter oliver was earlier and some of the fiercest clashes have taken place round nearby government buildings and specifically at the. street here and where that's where a security operation pushed out some of the more radical protesters the deaths of two of them have been confirmed both reportedly out of bullet wounds forty however have stressed that police are not equipped with live ammunition or two hundred
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police officers have been injured during the riots and a little later we'll hear from our correspondent all over who's in kiev for us. meanwhile the slogans of some radical groups have forced acts birds to question what's really driving the end rest nationalists have threatened more violence claiming their right to use force and there have already been reports of several anti-semitic attacks graham phillips a journalist who has covered ukrainian affairs extensively told me earlier that the hardline nationalist have effectively hijacked the pro rally it was a schiavo on sunday and i saw guys lining up with fuse the laws of missiles and cocktails. and weapons of every single man attacking police in every way they codes and i return from that we've been on the internet checking the news and it has been reported immediately that the u.s. has introduced sanctions against the ukrainian government. police and government are being criticized but to be there on the ground it's it's absurd to reconcile
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with what you see which is hardly militant lines that in fact i've been in city hall just proceeding events these guys were getting. mobilized they were getting ready to go into war they knew exactly they were receiving briefings they were receiving instructions on what basis of going into war they went in on that basis and they went to that end to effectively instigate a civil war in ukraine and i think it would really be too dangerous to say that what we have at the moment isn't a degree of civil war in ukraine looking at the opposition and one of its front man vitaly klitschko who's been earlier calling for an outright of fans of and when we asked him on camera i mean he softened his stance so and saying that he will do his best to keep the protest peaceful why it's such a sudden change of heart let's go is a decent individual essentially however in this he's simply being maal used by those who are more adroit and more a day what you've got now is
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a real drive to overthrow the government very soon back of sheena led by yes and you because. he knows that if the machine code is released then his tenure as caretaker leader of that party is over and who believes if they push now and let's remember that in any case an election for a president for a new president of ukraine is only a year away you get two parties who have a huge interest which is back if she runs for border defectively allied push for the election now and they believe that in that case they can effectively position their man be most likely only johnny bach as the president of ukraine klitschko simply doesn't see what's going on and ask for yet senior he's coming out with a statement such as we need to go to the front lines and if it's a bullet in the head so be it well i saw him. sunday when tear gas was going off and i've never seen a man run so fast in my life so these are effectively very bold words from old johnny bolt who's telling his followers on twitter that it's revolution it's time
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to overthrow the government but they're effectively putting the bodies of these fundamentalists on the front line. fertilise negotiations with president yanacocha the opposition has slapped their leader with a twenty four hour deadline to call a snap election and launched what they say is their own shadow parliament and with the mobs in kiev becoming increasingly aggressive the voices of support from the west have been getting louder as well all this accountant of has the details. the obama administration had upped its rhetoric against ukraine on wednesday warning of possible sanctions that the government continues its crackdown on protesters there the state department spokesperson here in washington said all policy options are on the table but did not offer any more specifics now the u.s. meanwhile has revoked the visas of several ukrainian officials who are allegedly implicated in violence against peaceful protesters no members of the opposition however have their visas revoked by the united states this is something that did
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come under some scrutiny at the state department press conference when a journalist or raise the issue of a double standard the united states has already revoked visas of several people responsible for violence. several officials ukrainian officials several. there's no opposition protesters nothing like this ukrainian official. now we also heard from the state department referencing two protesters that had been shot saying that they have been shot by members of the police despite the fact that the investigation on the ground in kiev had not yet concluded president obama himself stayed silent on the recent developments a state department spokeswoman did call on the ukrainian government to abide by the protesters calls for the country to sign a trade deal with the european union instead of turning towards russia the state department's top your of europe official victoria nuland has those are the countries several times recently to argue the case vice president biden had also
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called the ukrainian president to express his deep concerns now the united states isn't alone in pointing the finger of blame on the ukrainian government when it comes to the recent violence in kenya of we did also hear from the e.u. budget commissioner who said that sanctions were not being discussed at the moment but that the body will go beyond simply condemning the violence one possible option going after the bank accounts of certain all of arcs on the ruling party in ukraine . the russian presidential spokesman dmitri peskov commented on the condemnation by the west saying that moscow considers any interference in ukraine's domestic affairs is absolutely unacceptable and he also said that russia never has and never will do such a thing stay with our team international as we'll be bringing you the very latest and i'm going to have more oil and.
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the syrian government and its main political rivals failed to find any common ground at the opening of the geneva two summit on wednesday at a national mediators are now rushing to make sure the first their rock talks between the warring sides take place on friday as planned are going off in switzerland was more their prime minister i'm sorry to. can you just read yourself if you live in new york i live in cabo i have. to give the c.v. envision here in this forum the first day of the conference was expected to be spent listening to formal statements instead it was the scene of bitter exchanges as the syrian opposition oppressed daughter with its calls for president assad to step down and i think that i said is the problem and i said i don't see the problem old any solution without us of going up our stepping down as change of power in
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damascus is something washington is pushing for as well bashar will not be part of that transition government but according to the u.n. secretary general this is neither up to washington nor any other outside players to decide. the seriousness of themselves had the primary responsibility to end the conflict determine their particular system and future and start repeating their country while democracy is willing to discuss anything from commenting territory partial cease fire anything that is except assad's resignation it seems the parties have a different understanding of the course of the talks indeed the only agree on the one thing that a political solution is the only way no one should. know one's trying to gloss this over that this is the beginning of a tough and complicated process more than forty countries and organizations
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and all suggest together how this must end that it has to have an inclusive syria but it's. still the statements were indeed emotional and there were mutual accusations but what's most important is that all the parties involved want direct talks to start as soon as possible the blizzard the first round of negotiations mediated by the u.n. arab league special envoy on syria is expected to last one week after nearly three years of extreme violence it isn't a surprise the two sides of the syrian conflict aren't getting along very well frankly just getting them in the same building may already be considered a diplomatic breakthrough not to mention the talks which are scheduled to continue on friday europe is going off r t montreaux switzerland well one analyst told us it's up to foreign powers to urge the warring sides of the syrian conflict to make the concessions needed to break the deadlock. they must understand that neither one
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of them is able to really sort of the game military victory over the other in the battlefield so they need to reach some sort of accommodation for one about the opposition cannot dictate it and say that i said cannot be a part of any. future syria the syrian government cannot sort of lump everybody into sort of the basket of terrorists to speak so each one of them must reach out and i believe that they will love them a clear they can't this is going to take a great deal of time a great deal of attention and a great deal of goodwill on part of those who are advocating both sides stay with r.t. for the latest developments from switzerland where the geneva two conference on syria is ramping up. whistleblower edward snowden is reportedly set to request additional protection from russian authorities after receiving a growing number of death threats the former anas a contract there has been living at an undisclosed location in russia since august
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when he received asylum from washington's prosecution i didn't read a word i was in details. despite his temporary residency in russia it's fair to assume that n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden follows what's reported about him throughout the world however it's the recent death threats rather descriptive ones published in the us media that is causing the thirty year old to request extra security and protection from russian law enforcement the website buzz feed quoted an anonymous u.s. intelligence officer describing how he would have assassinated snowden if he had the chance another unnamed pentagon official has been quoted saying he would have simply love to put a bullet in snowden's head or he not restricted from killing an american snowden's lawyer says the former contractor is constantly accompanied by private guards but that may no longer be enough to ensure his security. we clearly
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understand that there is a serious danger for the life and health of edward snowden and n.s.a. intelligence officer says that it's easy to imagine a situation where he walks around moscow for example after doing his groceries and he accidentally bumps into someone then he suddenly feels drunk goes home and dies in the shower in his situation he has to think about his security snowden's attorney stresses that according to russian law a death threat carries criminal liability he also says the former contractor's refugee status makes him fully entitled to ask the police for help in the meantime a new poll by pew research shows that while americans are still divided over the benefits of snowden's n.s.a. leaks when it comes to just young americans ages eighteen to twenty nine years old the majority believe that snowden's leaks served the public's interest reporting
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from new york. r.t. why works noting remains deeply. popular with u.s. officials members of the public consider him a hero and they were seeking ways to express their gratitude for exposing american mass surveillance the whistleblower has been nominated for an honorary position of director at glasgow university in the u.k. r t caught up was one of the students who spearheaded the bid the reason which shows edward snowden is because we know that he is a hero is a brave man who rist a lot of things to us that people know the extent of fewest media surveillance and intrusion into our private lives and we just want to show him that we appreciate what he's done and it is a clear message sent out to those who are monitoring us that we will not stand for this and that we do not this we do not accept this kind of criminality it would be more symbolic than anything because he will be able to actually physically come to
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class go it will choose a representative. for him in situations where he cannot personally attend but his duties will be to hold the title of the rector of the university of glasgow we've had an overwhelmingly positive response of course we will do everything we can to make sure that this actually happens after the break we had to dollars were delegates have been listening to the address by iran's president hassan rouhani. sigrid laboratory kirby was able to build a most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach creation why it should care about humans in. this is why you should care only.
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speak your language or not advance. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you. it will turn it into angles stories. spanish find out more visit. welcome back you're watching r t internationalism go back to our top story a truce in kiev as opposition leaders reportedly had into further negotiations with
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the country's leadership correspondent to all who is following the very latest for us there and of course speaking of the latest we know that the barricades have been burning barricades have been put out there so what more can you tell us peter. well yes for the first time we know being able to see exactly where the two sides are the right is in the right place that's because the the barricades that had been on fire and the the large tire fire that had been ongoing it provided all this black smoke that wasn't allowing anybody to be able to to to see one another but what we have heard is that this this truce has been agreed until sixteen hundred g.m.t. that's eight o'clock local time for negotiations to take place now the those. opposition leaders had issued an ultimatum to the president of ukraine saying that they had twenty four hours in order to instigate initiate and.
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then well they would be moving towards more violent terms now one of the the leaders is former heavyweight boxing champion vitaly klitschko now he was right on the front line earlier on talking to to those people who are up there in front of the riot police and he was saying that. as he was as he was saying that he wanted to see a peaceful. of p.c.'s until negotiations are taking place there are still people throwing rocks over the top of his head guns at those people. while they were chastised by the rest of the demonstrators but they were still going on. now from vitaly klitschko himself we have some contradictory statements he said that he would face bullets if there was bullets in order to see a change here in ukraine and then on another hand he's saying that well he wants to
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see a peaceful solution we can hear some of what he had to say right now. just the presidio if the president does not comply with our demands. or there will be more of us and we will start and if in the spirit here the c.p.u. again will be in your position i never urged for a physical stand off we're calling for a nationwide strike the people need to have their say but i'm using my own personal thord to call a halt to the violence. now he says he's using his personal authority to call a halt to the violence while he was speaking there was still rocks being thrown and that is still ongoing there may be a lull in the violence right now but that hasn't stopped rioters from stockpiling rocks stockpiling molotov cocktails we were we were showing hundreds of already pre-made molotov there are lots of boulders being cracked i mean i'm saying these
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these things are about the size of a taste that have been hurled at a place what was interesting though after klitschko spoke we were talking to some of the people on the front line up there and i said what do you think what do you want your leaders it said and they told me straight away. they may support what he says but vitaly klitschko as much as he may be in front of the cameras the people who are right at the front they're saying he's not the one that they are following we have heard of. quite clear that nationalist groups have a huge foothold in the particularly in the the front lines just up there with the place so it's a it's a piece of kinds at the moment but it's an uneasy peace and as they say we are seeing more and more of the. stockpiling molotov cocktail stockpiling rocks and we'll have to see what comes of that later on as these negotiations take
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place as they try and to bring an end to what's going on here in kiev as an as well there will be some peace and quiet until eight pm local time there for now though peter thank you so much for bringing us the very latest from the ukrainian capital kiev get over there. and iran is pledging to keep firmly on a path of cooperation with its neighbors and other world powers and that the key message from president rouhani has been addressing the world economic forum and for more on a one day leader had to say he's archy's. he is taking full advantage the president of the country has hammered honey all the devils economic forum because it's incredibly timely for him we know that the six month interim deal struck between the six major powers has taken effect this week and the message from him is a wrong is open for business and as i say explicitly timely because in the audience
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you've got two hundred fifty people the participants some of the richest people in the world eighty billionaires hey we got forty heads of state so he's speaking to the right people and it's the first time in ten years that an iranian media has come to this of that and said he is basically opening up the country to international investment he's worried the likes of any tell you tell shell as well as exxon mobil throughout the day he wants to really drum up support for the oil industry that has been really suffering in the last two years because as they sanctions which will now be partially lifted thanks that interim deal that has been struck now he's got great expectations for his economy let's listen to the man himself. iran's economy has the potential to be among the world's top ten in the next three decades that's our long term goal which we're planning to achieve through our social economic as well as domestic and foreign policy my government is
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pursuing ideals and economic development democracy and the improvement of iran's foreign relations and that's impossible without our international engagement. now considering a run has one of the biggest if not the biggest oil and gas reserves in the wilds that is a feasible goal for the country and one person who's not going to be too enthusiastic about the large round of applause that lead received today will be benjamin netanyahu the leader of israel he will be gracing davos with his presence. on and we know that he's not been too encouraged by the relationships between iran and the west are now warming up and with the anti-riot forces a many countries equipped with water cannon for tasker's around the world are used to getting soaking but not in england and wales so far though but as we tell you on our website r t dot com you pay police bosses may soon be changing their approach plus. serve best known for breaking through the computer firewall of several
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members of george w. bush's family and cracking the e-mail account of his secretary of state reportedly caught in remain all you want to know on the story to be able to our website r.t. dot com. a business partner of former oil tycoon mikhail harder car ski has had his prison sentence reduced by russia's supreme court let's all negative could walk free later today or tomorrow or dinner in english who has the details. basically the decision was made in both cases i got of course put on the video but seeing as we hope that the coarsely was actually released on january twentieth or after receiving presidential pardon as part of the nationwide amnesty and has left prison at that time limit if was remaining in the colony in his sentence was reduced to just. over ten and a half years but seeing as he's already served then said he is free to go as soon
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as the officials in the prison that he's serving his sentence in in the north of russia receive the official papers it could be as early as today it could be tomorrow basically now we're just waiting for the papers to be delivered to the prison officials now when it comes to the other part of the case that the supreme court was looking at it has upheld the earlier ruling that her must reimburse the state just over seventeen billion rubles in taxes which he owes and that actually is part of the case because both of those conservative have been serving their prison sentences on charges of tax evasion as well as money laundering and embezzle them and so this means. basically the case for the two men now is closed and the supreme court has also left an opportunity for judicial rehabilitation for bald. i mark next with breaking effect to go away.
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pleasure jimmy savile here's a guy who committed pedophilia with over four hundred children and he's taken to the court to take on the old bailey and his defense is if you prosecute me i'm going to go to switzerland that's what i just be a say if you prosecute me and are scattered some scores and hundreds of incidents of fraud we threaten to leave the country and the government says oh drew we. the united states is a very good example here because in the early years they may if they had a pretty strong genuine democracy that by now i would argue has degenerated into
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a system where money and power matter how much more than britain did a deputy of the majority of the founding fathers of the united states would constantly say that they were not trying to instill democracy that thought democracy was horrible they wanted topps we instituted a republic and they purposely designed the institutions to as they put it exclude the majority of from participation. right from the street. first street. and i were being put. on a reformist twitter. instrument. to be in the. hot.
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seat of. the. pretty of yet everyone i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set so if you haven't noticed every country in the world seems to be wrapped up in revolt right now and ukraine over a million protesters about in the streets for weeks first in response to their president's acquiescence to russia over an e.u. trade deal now the protests have grown in the ukraine government has stepped up its crackdown on dissent just today at least two people have already been killed by police during clashes and the government has gone as far as an act in a new law which bans protests altogether restricts public assembly and just in case that doesn't send a clear enough message they're also doing little things to remind demonstrators that big brother is always watching see according to vice in a bizarre well ian twist many ukrainians simply in the vicinity of
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a protest yesterday were sent a dystopia text reading dear subscriber you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance well that's not disconcerting at all seems like something right out of the pages of nine hundred eighty four but with cell phone companies and regimes working hand in hand tyranny by way of technology seems to be government's weapon of choice now let's break the side. of the. it was a. very hard to take that. lightly that he ever had sex with that her right there.
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ok. earlier this month victims of the two thousand and ten gulf oil spill want to major battle against b.p. concerning the access to compensation funds so you for over a year b.p. claim that the settlement process was unfair because individuals that suffered no harm were allegedly scamming the company and a billions of dollars unfortunately for b.p. the fifth circuit court didn't fall for that argument and rejected the corporation's appeal now of b.p. trying to block payouts isn't enough to convince you of its greed and moral bankruptcy statements from the company's own employees might and the article written by investigative journalist highlights current and former b.p. officials who are disgusted with how the company has reneged on its pension promises to.


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